what is really life about?

I always ask my self who i really am and what going to happen with me. I love to have a good time even in bad circumstances because you never know what it will happen later. Have you ever asked your self if you are doing the right decisions? i did, i know i make a ton of mistakes but that what life is about. Life is not only about living and about how much money you are going to make is about what can you do to make a difference.. People always complain that there life is hell and they find all this motivations why there life sucks. They never think about people that actually have a hard time and a not so well life. People complain that they are sick, a lot, when they have nothing, What About people that are really sick and they are not treated. I was one of the people to complain about everything but i start opening my eyes wide and i start to look around me. I thank GOD everyday for what i have and i am happy. I am a simple person that trys to do her best to help people how i can.I want one day to help others, and am ready to give my life to God and let him take care of me. What about you? are you ready to do that?

my first blog

this is my first day on blog so go me. i wanted to be somewhere where i have no friends so i can met new wants. I made this because sometimes i have those bad days that you want your friends not to find out and i thought this would be good.

Jars of Clay - Dead Man (Carry Me)

Jars of Clay - Dead Man (Carry Me)

"Sunt satul de omul vechi, Fa-ma nou, poarta-ma Tu!" - Jars of Clay

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